• Cuttlefish at Halik Reef
    Beautiful cuttlefish are a common site around the Gili islands.
  • Schools of jacks at Shark Point
    Everyone who dives at Shark Point loves the school of jacks, barracuda and the chance of seeing white tip reef sharks.
  • Leaf scorpionfish at Bounty Wreck
    This little leaf scorpionfish was found at Bounty Wreck, Gili Meno.
  • Green turtle at Sunset Reef
    Turtles can be found around all of the Gili islands.
  • Barracuda at Shark Point
    You know you’ve hit the sweet spot at deep Shark Point when you’re surrounded by the school of barracuda.
  • A beautiful lionfish on Meno Wall
    A beautiful lionfish on Meno Wall.
  • Pygmy seahorse at Simons Reef
    Our talented PADI Instructors and Divemasters would be more than happy to show you a pygmy seahorse during your stay with us.
  • Bronze soldierfish at Hans Reef, Gili Air
    Bronze soldierfish at Hans Reef, Gili Air.
  • White tip reef shark
    You can find white tip and black reef sharks around the Gili islands.
  • Manta ray at Sunset reef
    If you’re lucky, in the low season, you can spot Manta rays at Sunset reef.
  • Colourful nudibranch
    We can loads of different nudibranchs on the dive sites around the Gili islands.
  • Eagle ray at Deep Turbo
    Look up when you’re diving Deep Turbo and sometimes you’ll be able to see eagle rays and devil rays swimming overhead.
  • One of Trawangan Dive’s boats
    Trawangan Dive, PADI 5 star IDC Resort, has two lovely dive boats.